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How She Rocks Parenthood when Her Partner Works Away from Home

Amber and I use to ride the same bus in high school. We'd spend afternoons talking about music and God and anything else that popped into our adolescent brains. Thinking back to those days my memory of 'high school Amber' is that of a strong and passionate girl who would do anything for her people. She was the person in your corner when the school bully was looking to knock some heads together and settled their sights on you. I don't recall that she was ever in fights but she wielded a fierceness that one ought not mess with. When this proverbial bully targeted you she could take them down with a sideways glace.

The ultimate protector.

Like many of my high school friends we lost touch but stayed connected through social media. I can't remember exactly who reached out first but I do remember we reconnected just before we both found out we were expecting our first babies. We have kept in touch since. We all need support in our lives and for many it's easier to avoid reaching out until it becomes a necessity. Parenthood definitely qualifies. I am so thankful that she and I reconnected when we did. Whether we're just doing a quick check in, comparing notes on fitness, kids or parenting. Having someone who, gets it when you're floating on a cloud parental joy, or can empathize when you're drowning in exhaustion is life giving.

Let's be real for a second, kids are hard. If you've worked with kids in any capacity you can likely relate. Parenting those kids is harder. Stay at home parents are the pillars of our communities who should be revered as saints. Parenthood certainly isn't without its joys but it's exhausting in a way that can only understood through experience. Solo parenting is mindbogglingly more difficult. My husband will be leaving for week at the end of August for his annual hunting trip and I'm already mentally preparing. Every year I have a renewed appreciation for Army wives and Linemen's wives. These lifestyles are not for the faint of heart.

Amber's husband is a lineman, initially I didn't understand the gravity of his job and all that it entailed. It is a vital job, that is dangerous and exhausting. It requires long hours and often takes a person away from their family for weeks to months at a time. All of which add to the inherent difficulties that come with raising a family. Amber approaches this lifestyle with grit and gumption. She is the glue that holds their family together. The ultimate protector of those she holds dear. I have been so impressed with how she prioritizes her marriage and health in the midst of the hard work of raising a family.

I am honored that Amber invited me into their home to capture these moments. Amber, you are gold. You lead a life that most people will never be able to grasp. The sacrifices you and Craig make are immense and do not go unseen.

I can't wait to take more photos for your beautiful family.

Xx, Bethany


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