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The Bowdle Family

It might surprise you to learn that I get a little anxious before a photoshoot. I take this role very seriously, and asking people to spend their hard earned money on me and trust that I'll take pictures they will love is no small ask. I really appreciate those who took a chance on me and signed up for these mini sessions without knowing much about me.

The Bowdles were one of these families and I love how their photos turned out.

Shannon and Aaron were so laid back and willing to do whatever, watching them parent their children with grace and love was awesome to witness and reassuring. As parent to two young children myself, it was really nice to see how it can look down the road. They rocked it.

Their children, Colin and Alice, are in the thick of their tween years, and as that is already a pretty vulnerable age, I was unsure of how they were going to feel about having their picture taken. They were wonderful and so much fun to photograph. They played together in a way that I hope my kids do when they are that age.

While I only spent 30 minutes with the Bowdles, I feel like I got a good sense of them as a family. They are quietly playful with an overflowing love for one another.

Thank you Bowdle family for entrusting me to capture this time in your lives.

Xx, Bethany


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