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3 Reasons You Should Have a Coordinator

Of all the services we had for our wedding this was one of two that was non-negotiable (I’m sure you can guess the other).

Prior to planning my wedding, I had attended my fair share as both a guest and photographer. The ones with no coordinator were, generally speaking (not always), dumpster fires. Nothing and everything was happening all at once, and like a car wreck, you couldn’t look away. Except the wreckage was people looking lost and wondering if the festivities were over and some people leaving before it's really begun. If you’re considering coordinating your own wedding I want to encourage you to give yourself the biggest gift and ask someone else to take this off your shoulders. Here's why...


I completely understand how and why someone might think they can coordinate their wedding and walk down the aisle, but you guys, making the plans and executing the plans are not the same.

I can see this bride, we are kindred spirits. She’s designing her invitations, foraging for her centerpieces (yes, foraging) and between juggling her work week and home life, she’s planning her wedding down to the most minute details. This girl can juggle spinning plates while balancing a ball on her nose. But this is one day where the ball and plates need to be handed off. This day is a rollercoaster of emotions and once in a lifetime experiences, be present for it.


There is a rhythm to everything, even weddings. Your coordinator knows this and will be checking in on schedule and details you never realized you needed to be thinking about. Your focus should be on, making memories with your partner and the people that came to celebrate with you, not on making sure the buffet and coffee get restocked while the toasts are going on.

Outside Eyes.

When you’re swimming in the planning it can be hard to get your head above the details to see the holes that need plugging. Your coordinator will rock this. They are the designated problem anticipator and solver. My coordinator tackled a host of things I didn’t realize needed tackling on the day of. You need someone whose goal is to make sure this day is pulled off without a hitch (or at least someone who will navigate any issues so that to you it appeared hitchless).

If you need someone to give you permission, I’m volunteering. For this one day, give yourself the biggest gift of a break and outsource the hosting. It could be a pro or your great aunt Shirley. Whoever it is, find someone other than you to take the lead. You will not regret it.

Xx, Bethany


Hey! I'm Bethany!

I'm a born and raised Oregon artist, photographer, and moment junkie.

Most days you can find me in a tattered eighties sweater and jeans, cold coffee in hand, chasing my kids.


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