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I’m Bethany, a soft-spoken, type-A, moment junkie. I grew up on a goat farm in rural Oregon. When I wasn’t tending to farm chores, I was sitting in front of a space heater, holding a hot drink, with my nose in a book.


These days you can find me in a tattered eighties sweater and jeans, cold coffee in hand (or on my sweater… I’m a little clumsy), chasing my kids and flirting with my husband.


Turns out my love of photography and drive to preserve moments, were the perfect storm to catapult me toward my future in helping others preserve their story.


My love for photography sprouted somewhere around grade school, I spent hours pouring over my dad's art. He had a large leather portfolio in the back of his closet, packed full of paintings, drawing, and photography. I loved it! This love took root in high school, I explored every opportunity available to hone my craft. If there was a photography class available, you better believe, I was in it. I turned it into a business after my sister got married. I remember the day she got her photos back. She was so disappointed. The only ONE she liked was an artistically blurry shot of her and her husband leaving the wedding. I was outraged, this was the pivotal experience that nudged this rooted passion to grow into a business

It's no surprise that the girl who took every photography and graphic design course would someday turn that passion into a business.

I have lived and breathed photography for a loooong time and have always felt strongly about the importance of not just taking pictures but telling stories. Fast-forward 10+ years and over 50 clients later, I had my first child, and the importance of my work magnified indescribably. My passion to tell story was kicked up a notch. Here’s my struggle, and one I know I’m not alone in, as the primary camera holder, it’s hard (if not impossible) to tell the whole story.


In a day and age where cameras are readily available, it feels like this should be easy but it’s not. It takes more than a camera to capture tell your story and preserve your family’s legacy. If you struggle to get pictures of your entire family narrative (that includes you) that’s where I come in. I help families like yours tell the whole story.


I am obsessed with helping families tell their stories. I want to help you preserve the legacy your family is writing and living.

I'm glad you stopped by :) Let’s grab some coffee and start planning.

Xx, Bethany

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I love Instagram as much as the next person (...ok, more) but

that's not always very realistic. Let's dig deeper and actually get to know each other a little. I promise no spam just real connection between real people. 

I'm Bethany!

A mom, artist, and photographer.

I am a born and raised Oregonian

dedicated to capturing real authentic moments that celebrate the beauty of your story.

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